Ledot Framed Woodcock and Snipe


Ledot Framed Woodcock and Snipe
  • Ledot Framed Woodcock and Snipe
  • Ledot Framed Woodcock and Snipe
  • £600.00
The rare oval cased Snipe and Woodcock was created by The House of Ledot, a Parisian firm.  They became well known for their signature style of hanging game in oval bowed glass picture frame style cases. The Parisian firm was also known as ‘Ledot Freres’, (the Ledot brothers) and was a publishing house during the 19th century where their career flourished between  c.1850-1870. The brothers were
Ornthologists, explaining their particular interest in the Taxidermy of birds.
Ledot operated out of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris for decades.
The work has a makers label to the back. Due to the fact they operated out of France and date from the mid to late 19th century their cases aren’t particularly common in this country and have always been highly sought after.
Oak framed taxidermied woodcock and snipe
Height 60cm Width  51cm  Depth  13cm

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